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The Absolute Privacy

TaP is a secure mobile messaging app that uses asymmetric encryption for every message and media send. You can send all types of sensitive data without the risk of eavesdropping using TaP.

  • Users can set expiry time on documents & messages they send also recall & delete them at any point of time in future

  • Share PDF, Word, Excel and all types of Text, voice, video and image files securely
  • Secure integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive and iCloud
  • Calendar integration to know users status
  • Powerful XMPP protocol
  • Share location & contacts
  • Easy to catch the intruder
  • Non app messaging
  • XMPP Photon

    XMPP PHOTON is a SDK / library for the extensible messaging and presence protocol written in managed C# dedicated to .NET and Silverlight technologies.
    XMPP PHOTON is available for the full .NET Framework, .NET Compact Framework and Silverlight. This allows you to reuse all your existing code on all major .NET platforms.

  • Fully compatible with RFC 3920, 3921, 6120, 6121
  • Cross platform, designed for:
  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Silverlight
  • Windows Phone
  • Mono and Unity
  • Mono for Android and MonoTouch
  • Multi OS (Windows, Linux, Mac…)
  • For client, server and web applications
  • Fast and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • The Absolute Recruitment

    TAR is a cloud based software designed primarily to store and maintain resume database which also helps recruiters & staffing agencies execute advanced level resume search. TAR acts a one stop tool for recruiters and agencies to maintain large database of profiles which could be accessed and used for immediate and future purposes.
    Features of TAR

  • TAR has been built and designed in a very user friendly manner where users can just drag and drop the profiles or email the resumes as an attachment to the respective email id and the attachment is saved onto the database.
  • TAR has an advanced search option to narrow down our search and to filter the resumes based upon the skill sets.
  • TAR acts as a central database of resumes which can be accessed by users in multiple regions like US, UK, India & Canada
  • The Central database consists of passive job seekers whose resumes are not on the job portals.
  • TAR can be integrated with GoogleDrive or Dropbox to access and sync resumes.
  • TAR can be accessed from anywhere using mobile, iPad or laptop to save or search profiles
  • TAR enables the user to send mails to the resumes at one click .
  • Mass Mailing tool.
  • TAR serves as a destination to link up with passive job seekers whose profiles may not be on job portals.
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